View Full Version : Auburn Aquarium - Sydney

28th September 2009, 08:31
Just a heads up to an aquarium that I am using in Sydney. I have found this aquarium to be incredibly helpful and knowledgeble about everything axalotl. I currently have about 50 baby axies and the manager has walked me through every step as well as not trying to sell me a whole lot of expensive equipment I don't need.

Best of all they breed their own bbs, adult brine shrimp and blackworm. I have made a few rushed trips there to buy live bbs when I bought a dud batch of eggs from another pet store that did not hatch.

It is hard to find an aquarium with quality live food, so it is worth my 1/2 hour drive there.

Hope this helps anyone else in Sydney looking for a reliable source of information and live food.

6th September 2011, 08:15
2 years on and I am still frequenting this aquarium, plus from time to time they stock live daphnia :D