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1st October 2009, 00:00
Hi :)

Im after some advice regarding a chiller. Now before I had my axies I had never heard of these things and any research ive tried has gone above and beyond me (im really not techie or anything that may be of use lol :o )

Up to date I havent been able to afford a chiller as all the ones i've found have been over 300 which is a no no even now, However I found this a coupleof days ago

I could just about justify at the moment paying this for a chiller but I sent the seller a message asking (okay probably some stupid ) questions but they havent bothered to reply. Probably think no-one can be that stupid so it must be someone messing them around :p

Anyway here goes :P (finally)
Would this be suitable for a 3ft tank, and do these things come ready to set up or would i need to buy other stuff like pipes or whatever to go with it too?

Any help would be appreciated as I dont want to lose out at buying it if it's suitable, but at the same time I cant afford to waste that much money if it's either not suitable or else i need to spend another 60 or so on extra bits.

Thanks for reading and any help :D