View Full Version : Question: Rocks in axolotl tank?

7th October 2009, 01:54
I'm just setting up my fist axolotl tank and am wondering if anyone has used rocks from their own property in their tank. I have mostly granite, which is on the "safe" list, but I am put off by the high likelihood of the rocks exploding when I boil them for three hours! I live in New England, which has been said to "have 'most two rocks to every one dirt" and the saying is appropriate! I have some perfectly shaped rocks that would make great hidey holes but I don't want to ruin my house in the process. :) Any advice would be appreciated!

7th October 2009, 02:03
I use rocks from nature all the time. I boil them before using, mostly as a way to loosen all embedded dirt. If you put them in cold water, bring them to a boil slowly, and then cool them slowly, they will not explode (unless, by rare circumstance, you have a rock with a pocket of air in it - but granite is not this type of rock).