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10th October 2009, 21:32
I already have a filter with a spray bar in my tank and live plants, so my water quality is pretty good - I was just wondering if it'd be worth getting an air-stone?? From what I've seen Axolotls seem to love swimming through the bubbles... but I'm not sure whether that's enough to warrant forking out for one, and whether the pump would be loud and eat up more electricity.
What are the benefits of having an air-stone? I'm not too sure of the different varieties available... I've seen novelty head types which open and close, strips producing a wall of bubbles and air-stones.

Do many of you use these? What in your opinion is the best sort? Or do people think they're unnecessary?
If Axolotls do go crazy for them, then I'll probably get one to make him a happy chap :D

10th October 2009, 22:25
Some axolotls like bubbles from airstones. I wouldn't think it was worth investing a lot of money to get a pump set up as yours may be one of the ones that doesn't like it! I don't believe there are any major benefits to axies in having an airstone, though I did run one in the Summer as I read the extra movement on the waters surface can help reduce the temperature.

I worry about those opening and closing air pump thingys that they might trap the axies head or limbs inside, but that's just my opinion.

10th October 2009, 22:39
Thanks for the advice Kerry. I think I'll probably wait until I invest in a bigger tank set-up with more than one Axie - haha, only had mine for about 2 months and I'm already planning for more. I blame this site! All the lovely photos of other peoples tanks is inspiring.

11th October 2009, 05:10
Depending on how big you want it and how fancy you want to get, an air stone doesn't have to be expensive. I think the combination of pump, tubing, and actual air stone that I used cost maybe $10-20 though I took a somewhat simplistic approach for my 10 gal setup. The pump is a bit noisier than my filters are but certainly doesn't keep me from getting to sleep at night!
My axolotls love floating around in the bubbles or sitting on top of the stone.

12th October 2009, 07:25
I don't have an airstone per se, but an air pump with a sort of ball (dffuser?) on the end which suction-cups to the glass. I have it to increase the water's surface movement. My filter output is a series of spray bars to decrease the water flow so as not to stress the axolotls. Unfortunately this also diminishes surface movement which sometimes causes some unhealth in my water as gaseous exchange is also decreased. My tanks are 140x45 cm long/wide.


13th October 2009, 22:44
Well I went ahead and got myself a filter today. It's an "Aqua One Stellar", does 50L/hr and cost me 12. Seems pretty nifty, but even though it's the weakest one they had, the air flow still seems pretty strong! I'm going to put some rocks over the air-stone bit - but I wondered if you can tinker with it in some other way?
Do all air-pumps vibrate like crazy? Mine has rubber feet and apparently is quieter than other pumps out there - just making sure I didn't get a duff one, and this is normal :D

Also, I'm probably going to turn it off at night so it doesn't keep me awake - do you reckon this could affect my Axie and stress him? Or will he get used to this as a routine.
Thanks guys!

14th October 2009, 02:42

With filters and air pumps, its best to leave them running 24/7. They help keep the beneficial bacteria alive. Switching the filter on and off will not optimise the function well.

You can reduce water flow by use of spray bars, air stones with tiny fenestrations and strategic placement of buffering objects. It should be ok.