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weapon triangle
21st October 2009, 19:34
Does anyone have any idea if it is possible to lower the strength of a filter? The lowest power one I can find still seems too powerful, and I am slightly worried about stress. Or does anyone have any brands that they usually use?
I also recently added sand as a substrate, and it is taking a while to settle. Is it okay to reintroduce him to the tank before it is fully settled?

Thank you very much!

21st October 2009, 19:41
This depends entirely on the filter. The Duetto 50/100 both have flow control knobs to change the water turnover speed. A lot of filters do not. You can stop filters from producing current by blocking the filter's outflow by using some sort of baffle or spray bar, depending upon the filter type.

There is also the option of low tech filters such as sponge and box filters. Have you perused the Caudata Culture article on filters (http://www.caudata.org/cc/articles/filters.shtml)?

I don't see a problem with introducing the animal to a tank with sand that has not completely settled.

weapon triangle
21st October 2009, 19:52
Thanks much! Yeah, I have heard of using spray bars, i'll have to look into it. I did look at the section on filters in the main article about housing, but I haven't seen that one before, I'll have a read.

Thank you!