View Full Version : A new ergotaxonomy of the family Salamandridae

5th November 2009, 15:44
Hi, a member in another forum posted a link to this article which i think is extremely interesting.
It helps to see philogenetic relations in all taxonomic levels inside the family, in detail. Wether one fully agrees or not with the proposals the article makes, i think it's a fascinating read.
I'll leave the link to the article.

Alytes-2009-26-1-4-1-85_Dubois - Raffa-lli.pdf скачать с Файлы@Mail.Ru (http://files.mail.ru/IZJNBF) (first link).

5th November 2009, 17:58
I clicked on your link and thought the article was going to be in Russian...what a relief when the document opened in English!

5th November 2009, 23:34
Mine opened in Russian:(

6th November 2009, 12:08
Are you sure?? The link i posted is in russian, but then you have to click on the link inside to open the article, which is definitely in english.