View Full Version : FREE - Axie eggs - Geelong, Victoria

5th November 2009, 23:12
Once again she has laid eggs, this will be her last for a while as I am going to separate mum and dad!

She is currently laying eggs right now (6th November 2009) so should be finished by Monday. I will remove the eggs from the tank and give them to someone who would like to grow them on.

Happy to post while at egg stage, but once they hatch I will not post so that gives about a week or two at the most if you want them.

Mum is a gold with pink gills and Dad is a wild type black/mottled axie.

If interested please email genway@pipeline.com.au


9th November 2009, 22:38
The axie eggs have found a new home - thanks to those that showed interest.