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27th November 2009, 16:20
Hello all.
I┤ve been reaserching this but i keep finding egxamples of what i should not do mixed with those i should do and i get somewhat confused:confused:

So very clearly what CAN i use or what i CAN┤T use?
What kind of substrate?
What kind of food?
Are substrate and food co-related?
What kind of lid?
What kind of containers i can choose from?

Thanks for all answers,



27th November 2009, 17:26
I use the same substrate I use for my terrestrial salamanders-- Jungle carpet or something like that. I keep it about as moist as my salamander tanks too, maybe a bit on the moister side.
I feed them whole wheat bread, sometimes tacos or pitas, or leftover bread/fruitcake at Xmas/ etc. Some people use dog or cat food.
I can't think of anything to say about a relationship between substrate and food, just to bury the bread so it doesn't get moldy.
Finally, I use plastic storage containers with air holes drilled in it, and the holes stuffed with little pieces of sponge or stocking, to keep air flow going but keep gnats out. I tried using a regular aquarium, but that didn't work well for me. I think it dries out to fast. Moister is better.

27th November 2009, 17:31
Hello Dawn thank you very much for the quick reply!;)
Nice to know that! Bread is very easy to use then no need for higher things.
The holes on the plastico boxes are at the sides? or at the top? thank you:wacko:

27th November 2009, 18:28
I keep mine similar to Dawn. I have them in plastic storage containers. (Except the terrestrial tanks I seeded with them.) I feed tortoise pellets, koi pellets, bread, and any old food like reptomin, algae wafers, gold fish flakes, frozen bloodworms etc. I even put some night crawler chunks in and they ate it once. I wouldnt advise that because they could spoil easily though. I add a little calcium powder in the substrate once every other week. I have to soak all the foods I mentioned in water, or milk. I often use water with calcium powder or vitamen powder mixed in. My goal is too gutload them with as much nutrition as possible. I use a coco fiber/top soil mix. I also add in bark chips sometimes to absorb some of the moisture. I add a little live moss to the top of some cultures too. Make sure to keep them cool(below 70 at least) and not to overfeed.

27th November 2009, 21:08
Hi mate,
Just try it like this:
- A plastic box with lid
- Land to sterile plants (Poetry in the microwave inside a coin tray with water and cover with cling, this sterilizes with steam, 2min)
- A rectangular glass, a little smaller than the area of the box, for upon the earth
- Dog food or cat powder (titurada)
The land always damp!
Some doubt see this: Cria├ž├úo de Enquitreia (http://www.slideshare.net/xaugusto/criao-de-enquitreia)

27th November 2009, 21:51
This is how I do it:
- regular clean potting soil (no additions)
- 1 slice of bread
- glass plate
- wooden box (winebottle box or something)

- 6 to 10 cm soil, in de middle I make a little pit were the slice of bread fits in and then I cover this up with a glass plate. When the culture is running good they eat 1 slice per 2-3 days...


27th November 2009, 22:38
Hey thank you both for the reply

Lusi i have made the culture some hours ago. Dawn┤s system is very simple and cool. I hope didn't have put many food :D I putted some rice cake and fresh bread borrowed in turf (with a medium level of moisture) thanks AJ on the tip about the reptomin pellets and the temperature. I was wondering about the necessary temps for them since i keep them cool. There were really many many many worms right there i think there are too many for the space might start offering to caudates.:D
I have also recieved as present some starters on collembola but there were some Enchytraeus in there :confused: the can harm each other?

thanks again people,


28th November 2009, 04:35
The holes on the plastico boxes are at the sides? or at the top?

The holes are in the lid, so on top.

28th November 2009, 12:30
Hey when i posted i havent seen Kenny┤s post we might have reply at the same time.
Thats a great culture! I cant even understand what is worms and what is the food :eek:.
I have used around 3/4 cm of black truf plus 2 rectangular heavy stones to create a flat top zone (like the glass makes) and then i putted almost every place small chunks of bread and cake. I will look to the culture today.. the holes on mine are at the sides but i belive they will not run out but stay on the ground...

I might think if I will re-build it at kenny style. looks awesome.
Thanks all,