View Full Version : Non-jumping springtails

13th April 2010, 02:17
I noticed some tiny white things in my worm bin. They climb all over the underside of the lid, and I discovered that I could harvest them by tapping the lid. I didn't think they were springtails because they don't jump at all. But in looking at various online guides, it appears that they are actually springtails. The Notophthalmus efts love them.

I suppose the next step is to see if they can be cultured. If so, I think they'd be a little easier to deal with than the jumpy kind. They are about the same size as the usual little white springtails that are commonly cultured.

Sorry about the bad photos, but these were taken by holding a digital camera up to the microscope eyepiece. And the critters were wiggling like crazy.

13th April 2010, 07:31
I think you did well with the photos actually. Put me on your list - I can always use a new kind of springtail :).

8th July 2011, 05:03
are these like a white dust covering your whiteworm cultures? If so, I have those too. I seem to be culturing them accidentally in my worm cultures.