View Full Version : SELLING 4x Wildtype Axolotls (Sydney)

19th July 2010, 10:17
Hopefully you guys aren't going, "Wait, didn't she post a topic about golden axolotls a few months ago?" Well, I'm new at this and apparently their colours started to show now to prove me wrong :o

I am moving into my university campus next week and need to sell off my axolotls asap. They are 10 months old and around 20cm long. They are all wildtypes with a yellow/brown tinge to them.

I got them from my highschool as they didn't know what to do with the eggs when their axolotls unexpectedly bred last year (I was known to take care of their fish so they decided to dump them onto me). I'm not sure who the parents are though I suspected they may have been an albino and a wildtype.

At the moment I'm selling them for $20 each, though may lower if you plan to buy more than one. I'll try come online often though if you want a more immediate reply you can call me on 0423 882 197 or email me at cead@live.com.au I live in Chatswood, Sydney and willing to deliver if you're close by and unable to pick them up however I am not experienced with posting.

Photos can be located here: http://www.caudata.org/forum/members/norcinu-albums-axolotls-sale.html :D

26th July 2010, 05:20
I'm dropping the price to $10 each, still need some spare cash now that I'm a uni student living out of home but these axolotls need a better, more spacious home than being crowded together :(

2nd August 2010, 03:50
SOLD! On the day I was moving them too :) I've got three left but they're all mine! Cheers everyone!