View Full Version : Places who sell blackworms???

29th August 2010, 23:50
My little red-spotted newts LOVE blackworms...and the little pet shop where i used to get them from closed down. Does anybody know good suppliers of blackworms? (prefferably cheap...it's tough times these days)

30th August 2010, 01:08
easternaquatics.com/ Is where I get my blackworms. They are in eastern Pa. and local for me. It shouldn't be to bad to ship to Ohio.

30th August 2010, 02:27
I buy mine through corysrus.

30th August 2010, 12:40
Thanks! I'll try it.

7th September 2010, 05:09
I've gotten mine for many years from Aquatic Foods in California. If you only need a small quantity, you'd do best to find a pet shop locally that sells them. Try phoning some other independent pet shops within driving distance.

8th September 2010, 20:17
I just found a little pet shop who gets huge shipments of blackworms every week! Thanks for your help!