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21st September 2010, 16:45
Hi everybody!
Azhael told me, in a post about Neurergus, that I can have more orange on the belly of my kaiserii feeding them with shrimps.
The questions are:
- What kind of live shrimps do I can get in Italy?
- Are shrimps easy to keep and breed? And if they are not, what is the easyer specimen?
- Do I have to feed with "orange things" also the shrimps?
Thank you very much!

21st January 2011, 15:48
You may add Red Cherry Shrimps into the tank.
They are great companions for your newts as they keep the tank clean and do not stress the animals.
They're easy to maintain (in fact, there is nothing to do) and they quickly multiply A LOT.

Some will be eaten by your neurergus : that depends of your newts, sometimes they don't manage to catch them because they are fast.

So you can also breed red cherry in a small tank (10-20 litres) and feed them with carrot and cherry pellets (beware not to feed them too much otherwise they can die), and give them to the monsters with a pince.

You can also go catch wild gammarus, they are easy to find in the water but beware not to untroduce germs or parasites. I think neurergus will love live gammarus.

Some also feed the newts with parts of the big red shrimps we eat, but i don't know because they put a lot of salt in it and chemicals.

Ken Worthington
21st January 2011, 19:53
This was a great thread on shrimp;