View Full Version : Illness/Sickness: Tiger Salamander is not eating

29th September 2010, 22:17
I have noticed for the past 2 or 3 weeks my tiger has lost interest in eating. At first it seemed as though his appetite has decreased, but now it seems next to nothing. He has probably eaten only 5 crickets in the last two weeks. We feed them in a seperate tank and he spends his entire time trying to get out of the tank. Any insight ? I am worried he is only two years old and has been very healthy until recently?

30th September 2010, 14:29
How warm is the tank? What kind of substrate do you have in the regular tank, and how deep is it? How moist do you keep it? Why do you feed them in a separate tank?

30th September 2010, 22:41
The tank has been quite warm recently because of this heat spell we have been having about 75 at the highest, I have this woodland type substrate I switched to in late July it is about 4 inches deep. I have the humidity at around 60% at the highest and I also provided a water bowl for them. I feed them in separate tanks just so it is easier for them to get the crickets, and I also do not have to hear the cricket noises when they are not caught.

1st October 2010, 01:39
Have you tried any other foods? Mine especially like earthworms and pinkie mice.

1st October 2010, 13:42
I have not yet tried a different type of food, I will definitely have to try that, what type of substrate do you use for yours?

1st October 2010, 18:08
I use a mix of organic topsoil and coco fiber. Usually 1:1 or 2:1 soil to coco fiber. I just eyeball it. The coco fiber helps the soil retain moisture, and helps it hold its shape when they burrow through it. My tigers have a pretty extensive tunnel system throughout the tank, but usually hang out under the water dish.

By taking the salamander out of the tank, you could be stressing it out to where it doesn't want to eat. Try offering it some wiggly worms in the tank and see if that doesn't do the trick.