View Full Version : Crocodile Newt Setup

12th October 2010, 23:40
This is my setup for a pair of crocodile newts. Is it a good setup?

13th October 2010, 03:08
I think that will work for this species. This species needs access to moisture, but thrives in a fairly dry environment, especially in terms of humidity.

13th October 2010, 06:00
It's an o.k. set up to maintain them. They like to swim. if you are interested in breeding them you will need a lot more water.

13th October 2010, 20:39
for some reason, they never seem to go in the water.

13th October 2010, 21:50
I got some wc ones this year, and it took them a while to get used to the water. I have them in a 50-50 setup, and they spend about 30% of the time in the water side.