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23rd October 2010, 20:32
Hi every one,
I can't say that I'm new to the forum but haven been posting replays.I want to change that.The forum is the best I have ever seen and I really like spending some of my free time here :)

So,here is the problem.On a holiday in Romania in a pet shop I both a 2 little newts.The lady in the shop told me they were "yellow-belly wets" but I think they are Triturus dobrigicus .They are about 3-4 sm. and their throat is yellow whit no spots.In a cople of days I will post pictures.

And the other thing am very worried about is they haven been eating in almost a week :(
Can you people help me please :(

23rd October 2010, 20:52
Iīm afraid we are going to need a picture or a more detailed description.
3-4 cm is a VERY small size for a T.dobrogicus juvenile, iīm going to guess you have a different species.

What are you feeding them? Make sure the housing conditions are EXCELLENT and offer a variety of live foods.

23rd October 2010, 21:11
What you mean? This is confusing me.

24th October 2010, 08:39
Well i tried feeding them with very small earthworms,but it didn't work.Today I am going make them a small aquaticterrarium.What temperature is best for them and what should I do to make them eat :(

Tonight i will post pictures of them..

24th October 2010, 18:17
I'm sorry for the bad quality of the pictures.

http://media.snimka.bg/7448/021151941-big.jpg (http://teraristic.snimka.bg/animals/triton.543879.21151941)

http://media.snimka.bg/7448/021151943-big.jpg (http://teraristic.snimka.bg/animals/triton.543879.21151943)

http://media.snimka.bg/7448/021151945-big.jpg (http://teraristic.snimka.bg/animals/triton.543879.21151945)

I hope you can ID them.But the most important thing now to feed them.I have got them some very small fish ( 0,5-1,0 sm.).Can you give me an advise of what other food should I try.And also their aquaticterrarium is almost ready..

Thanks for everything :)

24th October 2010, 19:07
Definitely not T.dobrogicus, but iīm not at all sure of the species..maybe T.carnifex??
Try to take a picture from the side and back.
Fish are not a suitable food for them, donīt even try. Earthworms are the best, so keep trying. Also, waxworms are excellent for getting picky newts to eat.

If they are Triturus (i canīt decide if i think itīs what they are or not...O_o), i would have guessed they would be illegal in Romania unless perhaps adequate documents stating they are captive-bred are provided, in which case you would have definitely known the species.
Check the laws in your own country.

25th October 2010, 05:10
In my country its illegal to keep newt that are found in Bulgaria.But if it isn't one of those species Then I think its ok to keep them.Thanks for the Help ;)

25th October 2010, 08:51
That is usually the case, but i would ask the authorities just to be sure. Each country has its own regulations (ones more restrictive than others) and they even vary among territories, so itīs worth inquiring and knowing for sure.

28th October 2010, 15:47
That is definitely some sort of Triturus.

What do you suppose teraristic should do with the new newts if the law doesn't allow keeping them? Should they be euthanized because the pet store broke the law? I'm sure the authorities aren't looking to arrest people who unintentionally purchase illegal animals.

Also, with a title like "I need Help :("...shouldn't this thread have been moved by a moderator to the "Newt and Salamander Help" section and not the "Advanced Newt & Salamander Topics" section??

28th October 2010, 15:51
It looks like a Lissotriton vulgaris spp. to me.... Defenetly not triturus. Look slender and not matching belly. that one is densely spotted. Neither cristatus carnifex even less or dobrogicus...

5th December 2010, 21:43
i thinck that it's a lissotriton spec.