View Full Version : Random enlargement...

29th October 2010, 19:46
One of my red-spotted newts was on the skinny side about 3 days ago. Now she is very plump (not huge). She isn't too big on eating, either. I don't think it's bloat, which is what I first thought. She doesn't go in water, and it just doesn't look like bloat. How could she get so large in such a short period of time?

29th October 2010, 20:14
If she has not been eaten well, itīs very likely to be bloat. A picture would certinly help if you can get one.

1st November 2010, 23:30
This is starting to freak me out. Now she's even skinnier than before! She completely refused food.

2nd November 2010, 00:58
What is their diet?

2nd November 2010, 20:01
Bloodworms, blackworms, earthworms, and redworms. She will only eat earth/redworms occasionally.

5th November 2010, 10:15
Now she's gotten smaller! She ate a very large worm today, so that got my hopes up. I can still see her bones, though. Does anybody know why she's changing sizes so rapidly?