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7th January 2011, 21:30
Hey all,

After the loss of my adult male last year, I have been hoping that I have a male in my remaining unsexed duo. I put them aquatic end of last year, and the known female virtually immediately took to the water. Since then one of the unsexed duo has joined her, and I can now see from her cloaca that it too is female. The remaining one has been visiting the water more and more, but has yet to show any sexual maturity. I know males can often reach sexual maturity later than females, however I am wondering whether they also show signs of sexual maturity later in the season?
I know Johnny O. Farnen has stated before this is the case for his, but I am wondering whether others have experienced this too?

Please give me hope! I soooo want to raise some fertile eggs :-(

8th January 2011, 16:09
Mine all came into breeding condition at the same time.
One week you could not tell them apart, a week later and you could see the difference immediately. But this is just how mine are, yours might be different
Sorry if this is not the answer you wanted :(
They will probably come into condition at the same time next breeding time as they will be a bit older :happy:
If you want some eggs pm me your address i will send you some down on Monday :happy:

Cheers Martin

8th January 2011, 17:12
Thanks for the info Martin, I am hoping that there is still a chance the remaining unknown will develop over the next week. The next breeding season seems so far away! haha

8th January 2011, 20:17
Slight raised cloaca in the remaining unknown tonight. Its looking female though :-(. I could be looking at a further 2 years before I am able to breed unless I can find an adult male :-( bummer...