View Full Version : What's with her lip?

22nd January 2011, 21:38
My axie girl has a red 'lip' lately and it looks pretty odd and thick. She also has a little blister like thing but it looks like it's getting smaller. She eats normally and I don't see anything else that makes me worry. (Water parameters are also fine as well as the temp. and my other axies)

It's about 2,5 weeks like that now. Is it something to worry about or will it go away by itself?


22nd January 2011, 23:04
maybe she ran into a wall and bruised her lip?

26th January 2011, 22:45
Hmm, it's pretty weird that it's still there for a while. I don't know what it is or if it's bad or not.

27th January 2011, 14:11
umm it looks similar to the problem your axie had with their tails... maybe there's still something irritating them

27th January 2011, 22:07
Right now it's not red anymore. It's exactly the same color as her skin, but still a little thick. Maybe it's getting better.

27th January 2011, 22:26
let's hope so :)

maybe it's just a scratch that will go away with some time