View Full Version : Question: What's an easy way to treat white patches?

27th January 2011, 22:10
Xotl (the one on my avatar) has some white patches in his neck. No fungus. I had to deal with that before and I tried different things and it was gone in a few days.

The problem is actually... I don't know exactly wat caused it to disappear. So my question... what works against it? I read different things. Is adding salt to the tank okay? Or is it a tea bath? (I can't find black tea without any other weird things in it anywhere...) Or is there something else with easy things to 'cure him'?


8th March 2011, 15:03
I have the same doubt, is adding salt to the tank good for the axie's skin?

I was recommended to do it, but I am unsure if it is really good, or useless...

8th March 2011, 23:54
The good news is that I found some black tea without anything else (weird things like aroma stuff etc.) in it and did some of the tea-water in the tank (damn, the tank water was all brownish and the axies were hard to find in there :P)

But it did work and I don't see anything else on them anymore. So I think the tea baths are an easy way :)

10th March 2011, 13:49
but what is good from the black tea is tannins right? that's exactly what the almond leaves release...

I still have doubts about adding salt, some people recommend it, some not...

10th March 2011, 14:57
I have some bogwood in my tank which is still leaching out tannins (though not as bad as it was!) it makes the water slightly tea-coloured but maybe putting some in your tank will stop the white stuff coming back??

10th March 2011, 17:50
I have almond leaves in my tank and the water gets darker, I used it for my golden when she got reddish toes and fungus and never had it back

but now I have a wild type that has some kind of skin issue, maybe it's nothing (I took him to a vet and he said it was pigmentation and he recommended to add salt), it's like his skin was covered in little white dots when you see him with more light, and it looks like if he has "dry" skin...

I was wondering if adding salt to the tank's water is beneficial, not beneficial or it doesn't make any difference...