View Full Version : Are they stressed?

30th January 2011, 16:46
I just got my 2 Axolotl juveniles on friday and they've been doing great. Eating normal, behaving normal, etc. However, their gills look a little forward-curled, which is a sign of stress. The water temp is at 60 F. It's just a bare-bottomed tank with lots of potted plants, and a rock structure for them to hide out in. I haven't gotten a water testing kit, but the water I believe, is good. I have a filter, too (Duetto 100). It does not give off much current at all. Sometimes when they get really close to it they'll start to sway, but not badly. Are they simply just stressed because of their new home, or am I doing something wrong?

30th January 2011, 17:09
You really should have a water test kit as you need to closely monitor your water conditions, especially with a reasonably new set up. I used to test mine every day to start with, now I check it every 3- 4 weeks , more if the axolotl are behaving any more oddly than usual. A water testing kit is the only way you'll know your water conditions are good. This is really a very important item.
Your new additions could be a little stressed from their travel, and being introduced to their new home. When you say that they sway when they get close, it makes me wonder if the current is a little too much. Keep a close eye on them for the time being

30th January 2011, 17:16
It was only the albino that ever had the swaying thing. The leucistic one never swayed, but he is noticably larger than the albino. I did recently aim the flow towards the glass, and I cannot tell if it helped or not. I will try to get an ammonia/nitrites testing kit by tomorrow.

Oh I forgot to say~I did cycle the tank about a week and a half before I got the Axolotls. Also, whenever I walk in the room, the water ripples and plants move a little bit. Could this be a factor?

30th January 2011, 18:48
just out of curiosity how did you know your tank was cycled if you dont have a water testing kit? I don't think the ripples from your walking would cause any trouble

30th January 2011, 18:51
Good point. I noticed that the slime begin growing on the filter, and the slime is beneficial bacteria...

Just wondering-what's the normal position of the gills? The tips of the Axolotls' gills are pointing straight up right now.

30th January 2011, 20:14
slime does not mean it is beneficial bacteria. I may be incorrect in this, but I'm pretty sure the only way to actually tell if you have beneficial bacteria in your tank is to test your water and see if they are converting your ammonia/nitrite to nitrate. Slime will grow in your tank regardless of it being cycled.

30th January 2011, 20:20
I will get a testing kit at one point. I just unplugged the filter to see if this is the reason. I'll look in a couple hours to see if their gills are back to normal. Are there any other factors that could contribute to their stress?