View Full Version : Help me axolotl is sick

31st January 2011, 03:25
Hi there
I got my first axolotl with a big tank, medium size rock`s as sustrate and some plants and shelters on his 3║week in the tank he start to be very active an swim alot and some time he floats on the surface and for what I read is due to temperature (24-26C║). now down to achieve more acceptable range (15-18C ║) but today I saw some red spots and appears red leg syndrome (bacteria) anyone know how I can treat it?
and if you can give me some advice for his habitat?

31st January 2011, 04:27
Could you post some pictures of his leg? Could you also add some info about his tank like is he on sand?? Water parameters?? Tank size?? What does he eat??

31st January 2011, 05:12
tomorrow i will try to upload some photos and the aquarium is 76x42x32 cm.I use some river stones that are big enough so he dosen`t eat them.
and all the parameters are normal according to kit.
his menu is: vipa chip (sera), tuviflex (sera) and some plodia larva with gutloading
Indianmeal Moth - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indianmeal_Moth) (in larva state)

now I have it on in a smaller aquarium without filter but with daily water changes and temperature controlled and eating artemia (sera)
Artemia salina - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Artemia_salina)