View Full Version : Illness/Sickness: Abby is sick. I dont know why.

1st February 2011, 23:55
Hi everyone

Abby is unwell. His body is red, he wont eat at all now and has started floating(monday night). I have checked the water parameters and they are all good. I put him in the fridge on monday because he is floating and has lost weight.

Abby(20cm) lives in a 3ft tank with Cookie. The tank has 2 caves, sand and flake plants. They also have a chiller so the temp is around 18-19oC. They both eat axie pellets(12) and bloodworms every 2-3 days. I do weekly 20%-30% water changes as well as daily spot cleaning with the good old turkey baster.

I have read on a petshops website that they are adding more chemicals to our water because of the floods. I do us prime so I should be ok but I have been boiling the water I use for Abby(fridge changes) and letting it cool down just to be safe.

Cookie is ok, she is eating the bloodworms(pellets are hand fed) Abby doesnt eat(she is a pig:D)

Has anyone got any ideas????

2nd February 2011, 05:32
Oh no Lea! I am so sorry to hear Abby is sick :(

Has anything else changed besides the possible water chemicals?

Has he been floating as if he can't stay on the bottom?

My Luna gets pretty red when he is "perky" and trying to get Kahlua to mate. He also has been floating... but for the fun of it, like a zeppelin. Could it possibly be the same with Abby?

I sure do hope he is ok and everything returns to normal soon!!

Maybe just try adding a little more water conditioner to help with the extra chemicals?

Also I hope you are doing well! I haven't talked to you in ages it seems. :-)

2nd February 2011, 22:40
hi skilly....it has been a while...I have been away on holidays, We took the kids to bali because my eldest daughter finished high school(she did really well I must say) and then away camping. Trying to get on the computer without kids annoying me is also a bit hard.

His floating was upsetting him I think and the fact that he refused to eat for was enough to worry me.
If he was feeling perky I just ruined his changes....:eek:....poor baby

I was thinking about taking him out of the fridge tonight and put him back into the tank, cookie is looking for him. I will add a few extra drops of prime to help with the water. I dont even know for sure if the extra chemicals have or will be added(if might be a ploy from the petshop so we but extra chemicals from them). His tail is still a bit curled but he looks ok. I just need to fatten him up again.
thanks for the reply

3rd February 2011, 18:22
Well that sounds like fun! That is great she did so well. :happy: I love going camping and can't wait till summer to do so!

We just had a huge blizzard.. our cars are still buried under snow. It makes camping seem a long way off.

I hope Abby is feeling better and is happy to be back with Cookie. :o