View Full Version : Anybody out there???

4th February 2011, 22:18
Ok this is not really an axolotl post more of a question to see if anyone else can access caudata as I am chatting to a moderator in facebook who informs me caudata is down and no one can get on here , well no one it seems accept for me lol??

So yes I am lucky as I get my caudata fix but can anyone else log on as it seems there is just me and a few guests??

5th February 2011, 01:06
i think everything is fixed now. :happy:

5th February 2011, 02:03
I had that earlier. Caused me a mini panic attack there haha.

The Banana
5th February 2011, 05:09
I couldn't get on earlier, but tried again (three times) and it let me in. :)

5th February 2011, 11:56
lol well I was the only one on last night (UK time) got very lonely :(

5th February 2011, 13:45
Thanks for putting up with me last night Zoe. I managed to pop in early (well for me) this morning...then couldn't get back in with a similar problem. Hopefully all is sorted now :D

Ken Worthington
6th February 2011, 04:35
I had the same problem....a page would appear offering domain names for sale, etc. when I clicked the link, instead of the forum page loading.

My instant reaction was a curious mixture of disappointment and guilt :o

The disappointment needs no explanation, whilst the 'guilt' stemmed from the brief notion that it might be just me, rather than 'technical issues' that might've caused my connection problem to the forum, (by an inappropriate post or something!).............strange.........:rolleyes:

Then it occured to me that since it's been exactly ten years since the site was registered, then it's likely that it's domain name would need re-registering.
I say this as an admin for a public forum and (online gaming) servers who experienced this problem recently :o (when the 'boss' was away on holiday:rolleyes:)

IF this turns out to be the case, I love the way that the 'digital gremlins' wish us happy birthday! :D

6th February 2011, 08:04
And here I done thunk that caudata had gone to the big aquarium in the sky...
since this board is my new favorite toy I'm very glad it came back to life.

6th February 2011, 13:02
Julia - always a pleasure chatting to you!!!

Just glad its all sorted for everyone now would have got very boring with just me posting and answering myself lol!!