View Full Version : Helps.... no limbs

8th February 2011, 23:15
One of my axolotls is in trouble. I got both axolotls together and they were the same size, one much greedier axolotl grow much faster than his tank mate and proceeded to eat his mate legs and arms off. This all happened in the space of one day. I have since fridged the sick guy in hope that his limbs will grow back. He has been in the fridge for some months now and they donít seem to be growing back. He doesnít seem to eat either. I really donít know what to do. I fear he is slowly dying in the fridge, please help.

8th February 2011, 23:31
How big are both of the axolotls? Have you tried letting the water warm up to room temperature and then feeding him? Does he try to eat food at all or does he just reject it totally? Are you doing a 100% water change in his "fridge-home" with dechlorinated fridge water everyday? Answers to these questions might shed some light on your problem. Hope your little one makes it!

9th February 2011, 00:04
He's not going to want to eat while in the fridge. Can you set up an isolation tank for him? Keep it as cool and dark as possible, but not as cold as the fridge. If he hasn't been eating, he might not have the energy to regenerate them at this point, but hopefully you can get his appetite back up If he's survived this long, he's a fighter!

9th February 2011, 21:44
Yes I do 100% water change with non chlorinated water every day that I keep in the fridge. He shows no interest in food at all. I have another small tank that I will put him in and see how he gets on, thanks guys.