View Full Version : Gonzo's Update

9th February 2011, 17:42
This is Gonzo. When I got him he was in really bad shape. His tail fin was folded and stuck down, he was missing a few feet... just overall tiny and weak.

Well, his situation has improved quite a bit. His tail has unfolded, but looks kind of strange and tattered at the end. The feathery parts of his gills randomly started disappearing a while back, I think they may be slowly starting to regenerate now.

I am curious about his skin now. He seems to have a white film all over him, besides on his head/face area. Is this normal? Just mucus? Or something else? Also his skin is bumpy... kinda strange looking.

How does his weight look? He LOVES to eat, just want to make sure I'm feeding him correctly. He has been getting about 3/4 of a large earthworm and a little bit of bloodworm every other day. Just wanted to see what you guys thought.

9th February 2011, 23:15
Well he looks happy and quite healthy to me, the film might IMHO be something to do with his slime coat... I would be extra careful to make sure your tank and substrate is clear of detritus and anything that might cause any infection if his skin is impaired, especially if you are feeding bloodworm. In my experience uneaten bloodworm, especially the dead/frozen variety can really turn the water quality for the worse if it's left in the tank for any amount of time. Keep an eye on him and if you notice anything funny like fluff etc let us know.