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The Banana
15th February 2011, 04:10
Yesterday I brought myself an albino axolotl female, but one side of her gills have been nibbled away, and she has some missing finger-tips. :eek:
Other then keeping the water cool and clean (along with a nice, stable diet).
Is there anything else I can do to help her heal quicker? :confused:

She is currently on her own. She will stay in her own tank until she has recovered, then she will move into the large 4ft (400L) tank with Aristotle Axolotl & Banana. :rolleyes:

Photos -


She doesn't have a name yet (hence me repeatedly calling her "her/she").
If you have a suggestion, please share. ;)

Thank you.

The Banana
15th February 2011, 04:14
Didn't mention she was really scared in the LFS, hiding in the plants.
But as you see in the photos above, she is looking happier. She isn't hiding as much anymore.. and tonight I'll try her on frozen bloodworms (what they were feeding her at the LFS along with axie pellets, want to give her something she is used to).
She is nice and plump, not underfed like most axies in the LFS.

15th February 2011, 04:41
Hi Sarah,

So happy to hear that another unfortunate has found a good home! Start slipping in a few live earthworms along with your planned diet and I'm sure that she'll come along nicely for you. Sounds like you are doing the best for her by providing a cool, stable environment. Love to see how she looks in a few weeks with your care! ;)

Don't be shocked if her missing parts don't grow back exactly right, sometimes it just happens like that. My avatar still has a bite shaped mark in her tail fin - an unfortunate mishap caused by one of her sisters when she was still a juvie. I had one lose a gill and she grew a forked one back in - I think it's the oddities that just add to their uniqueness. However, she may grow hers back in exactly right.

I'm sure she's very thankful to be out of that LFS for sure. She looks quite happy now! :D

As for a name, how about Andromeda? Greek goddess to the stars, but sometimes she's credited with ties to the moon too.

The Banana
15th February 2011, 05:05
Thank you for your kind words Shannon. ♥
I'll add earthworms (best axie food in my opinion) to the diet as soon as she settles a little. :)
I've heard they don't always grow back right, but I hope they do.. as long as she is happy & healthy, that is all that matters.

Hmm.. Andromeda.. very interesting! I think I'll remember that, and will see if it suits her - I hope to know her personality soon, it always helps in naming.

15th February 2011, 05:56
You're doing great :happy: so glad you found her but ummm correct me if I'm wrong but that one is not albino. Albino's have pink eyes and his/hers look very dark in the pics, more leucistic looking. Could be the angle and lighting I guess.
The Axie in your avatar is albino, that's Banana isn't it, a lovely golden albino.

I hope everything grows back right for her and I do like the name Andromeda :happy: very pretty for a very pretty little axie.

The Banana
15th February 2011, 07:21
Thanks Mere, she is albino - it is just the lighting/angle like you said. :)
Yes, Banana in my avatar is my lovely golden albino boy. ♥

Thank you, I think I shall name her Andromeda (lets just hope I remember how to pronounce that). :P
So Andromeda (until further notice, but is a pretty name) is very happy & enjoyed her first meal of frozen bloodworms and a few axie pellets.

15th February 2011, 22:50
andromeda has a very bueatiful smile....she looks very happy living with you.

The Banana
15th February 2011, 23:06
Thank you Leanne. :)
Unfortunately, I think I'll have to re-name her. Only because I keep forgetting what the name is. That is just so terrible.. and a little embarrassing too. :o
I always name them simple names - like Banana, Rose, & Cheese. Aristotle Axolotl is the most complex name I've ever given my pet. :eek:

I feel pretty bad about this. :violent:

16th February 2011, 14:36
Awh! She's so cute! I'm kinda the same with naming my axolotls!. Anything too long and I forget most of it! I recently started calling Jonesy Scuttle Bug as a nickname and it took me all this morning to remember it again! I was calling him Scrum bum and everything! lol!

As for bits growing back you're doing everything perfectly so only time can tell! Jonesy had been nibbled away at when I got him. He also has a bite mark in his fin like Dragonlady's! It took a couple of months to start seeing a real improvement. Now he has forked gill, and most of his gills are floppy lol, and only two fingers on one of his hands!

Good luck with a name!

16th February 2011, 15:12
Scuttle Bug
Scrum bum


Yes, things sure do grow back weird! Albi and Chester both only have two toes on their front right feet, but as Albi had NO legs when I rescued him, I think the little guy has done a pretty neat job getting any toes at all, nevermind 3 perfect little feetsies and one dodgy one!

16th February 2011, 15:30
names are always fun - I've named Gunther's new tank mate Oberon (from A Midsommer Night's Dream) but I'm not sure it suits him...he's not exactly king-of-the-faeries material! :p

The Banana
16th February 2011, 21:57
Haha.. Oberon, I just did a little report thing on a Midsummer Night's Dream. :)

Now he has forked gill
Really? So does this little axie!

The Banana
16th February 2011, 22:42
I named my little sweetie Tenedor [tay-nay-dor], which means fork in Spanish. :D
She has the cutest little fork in her gills on the 'good side', where there appears not to be any nipping.
I love my little Tenedor. ♥

16th February 2011, 22:44
I love it! That's a brilliant name and will suit perfectly! =D

The Banana
16th February 2011, 22:49
Thanks Erzs! :D

16th February 2011, 23:25
Hello tenedor, nice to meet you, Abby and cookie said hi as well:D
Love the name....

The Banana
17th February 2011, 00:06
Oh why thank you Leanne, Abby & Cookie. :D
*waves* Tenedor says hello back.

♥ ♥ ♥