View Full Version : Swollen Axolot Please Help!

6th April 2011, 01:53
Hi i recently came from a business trip and i noticed that one of my axolots was sick, it has all his body swollen and lost all his gills, it looks very bad, what should I do, please help!!!
I was wondering if there is an antibiotic that I can mix with its water to attack a possible bacterial infection?
I need something that I can do by my self since its pretty difficult to find a vet for these type of animals around here.
Can anyone help please!

6th April 2011, 03:32
Could you post a pic? Sounds like you had a case of really poor water quality. Did your filter fail or something while you were gone or were you gone a long period of time? Just trying to help determine a cause for this problem...

I would suggest a good size water change and to put your guy in the fridge immediately to start. I am reluctant to suggest anything else without seeing what you have going on. Get a set of parameters, including temp, if possible too.