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17th April 2011, 02:33
I recently bought two axolotls one of them is a golden albino the other one is a completely black one.
2 days after i bought them the golden albino was happy and healthy and eating, but the black one got cotton wool growths around her gills so i was suggested to fridge her and give her salt baths unfortunately i could only get water conditioner and chlorine neutralizer sent to me by a friend which he thought was aquarium salt but it says on the packet do not make direct contact with fish or plants.
Today when i went to change her water their was a blood clot on her right side gills and the cotton wool growths are gone but the was blood and blood clots in the water.

can anyone help me?

17th April 2011, 04:09
Do a full water change with declorinated water and pop her back in the fridge unitl someone with more experience can provide advise from there..

When you are doing water changes make sure you already have dechlorinated water ready to go from the fridge so there is no flucuation in water temp for your axie while doing this. In the past I have had 2 containers, one with my axie in it and one filled with treated water ready to go so I just swap from one to the other, then I empty the container they have just come out of, rinse it well with hot water and refill it with new treated water and pop it in the fridge for next swap over :happy:

22nd April 2011, 12:56
she passed away last night

22nd April 2011, 13:14
How large/old were the Axolotls?