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17th April 2011, 05:06
I need some advice and ideas please

Abby has been losing weight at a very slow rate since february this year. I think the tank cycle crashed while we were on holidays and the sitter didnt realise.....I have stepped up the feeding and I now feed him everyday. He eats bloodworms and around 6-10 pellets with no weight gain. I have tried wax worms, earthworms, he refused both of these...... Any ideas??? What could this be?? What do I try next??
This morning I woke to find Abby with a pretty bad case of fungus on his gills. I have started salt baths. I was able to use a cotton tip to remove some of the fungus.
He is looking like a very sad axie at the moment and I have tried everything I can think of.
The tank is 3ft and he shares this with cookie, they have a canister filter, they are on sand and the tank has a chiller so the temp is between 18-19oC. I do weekly water changes and daily spot cleaning. The parameters are tested 2 times a week and they are all fine.
Thanks for reading and Im really sorry for this being so long.

17th April 2011, 22:44
I would say that this sounds a little like Jonesy. He eats as much, if not more, than the other axolotls but is slim whilst they are competing for the fattest axolotl title.

But saying he's started losing weight since the crash is weird, and I can't think of an explanation...especially if he's still eating.

Do you have any comparision pictures? It might be interesting to see where he's losing the weight from, or is it all over?

18th April 2011, 05:18
thanks for the reply erzs. His weight loss is over his whole body. I think he is getting worse so I might have to take him to the vet :(. I think I will continue with the salt baths and see what happens next.

18th April 2011, 05:20
So sorry to hear you are continuing to have problems with Abby, Lea. If his fungus was severe, I would recommend a holiday in the fridge in addition to the salt baths. Maybe after a few days in the fridge, his appetite could be stimulated.

When did you install the chiller in relation to Abby's condition? Have you adjusted the temp since you have had it? I am wondering if 18 C might be a bit on the cool side for Abby. You had him before you added the chiller so I am curious if there is a relation. Cooler temps slow their metabolisms (as you already know) but I have found some are more sensitive to this than others. Sometimes something as small as a couple of degrees can change their appetites - Khonsu, whom you are familiar with, for example.

Hopefully, Cookie avoids this fungus problem. :D Best of luck.

18th April 2011, 10:20
Sorry to hear about Abby Lea.
Should you decide to take Abby to the vet and need the name of a good one in Brisbane, I recently took Maz to Brisbane Bird and Exotics at Macgregor, they were wonderful, you could always ring and have a chat to a nurse there called Melissa before taking Abby in... hopefully it won't come to that though.

18th April 2011, 17:37
Oh no Lea! I am sorry to hear about Abby :( I hope he gets all sorted out soon!

20th April 2011, 04:34
thanks everyone. Abby is in the fridge as we speak. He isnt doing real good. His lips are white and yes there is fungus on him. Im doing salt baths 2 times a day with 3 teaspoons of salt in 1 lt of water and leaving him in for 15 mins, then back into the fresh wter in the fridge. All the wter is the same temp , I have water on the same shelf of the fridge so it isnt a shock for him.... Im afraid if I move him around too much he wont be able to handle it. I have had a chat and im treating the fungus and then see how we go.

I have had the chiller since around sept(I think) it has been long enough to not cause to much trouble now I would have thought. It is set on 18 but it goes up to 19 before the motor comes on and cools it back down.
I am very worried about him. :(:(:(
Cookie is doing fine(for a change)....she is looking for Abby.....she is searching everywhere:(I will keep you all updated.
sorry for the long post

20th April 2011, 05:57
Fingers crossed (and my toes!)

21st April 2011, 02:24
up-date time.

abby is very poorly at the moment....i have spoken to the vet and she has suggested mercurochrome directly onto his lip or a container with just enough water to cover abby so he can soak in it or triple sulphur tablets for the tank

what do you guys think????

I was also told to take him out of the fridge...I havent yet

@shells.....I did ring the place you suggested...that is the only place I know that will deal with axies on my side of brisbane the only other place I know of is down the coast...... I did speak to melissa as well, she is very helpful and willing to help.

21st April 2011, 02:54
My first thought is that Abby might have parasites. I've heard of using low doses of worming treatments to help the issue, though they can have some pretty nasty side effects. It might be worth speaking to the vet about. A fecal exam would be prudent before trying to treat anything, however. I wish you the best of luck.

21st April 2011, 02:57
Mercurochrome is meant for wounds, does he have any? Do they suspect some internal lesion problem or something? I have heard of using the sulfur too, but think you'd be better off with a general all-around antibiotic like Furan-2 if you decide to take this route.

See what others have to say.

21st April 2011, 05:42
thanks shannon.....furan was the next thing they said to try if the other didnt work.

He has no visable sores ...his lip is white with fungus on it....it looks like cotton wool stuck on his lip.......I have tried getting photos but it doesnt show up in the picture but i will keep trying to get one

21st April 2011, 15:06
Furan is basically an antibiotic, where mercurochrome is an antiseptic.

Neither will take care of the fungus, but either furan or mercurochrome might help you prevent/treat an underlying infection, which may have caused the fungus in the first place (weakened immune system, unable to fend off fungus, etc.).

21st April 2011, 18:22
Hi Lea,

didnt the salt baths work? :confused:
Im with Kaysie. That could be an infection and the fungus is the secondary, based on the infection, Problem.
A smear test could determine the pathogenic bacteria, so that he can get antibiotics.

I wish you all the best and good luck!


21st April 2011, 23:25
thanks guys.
I was told by the vet not to do the salt baths becuse it would upset his skin more.....he had 4 salt baths and it wasnt working yet. They said to try the home remedies first.......

I checked on him this morning and the fungus has gone onto his toes...
the poor baby is in a mess.......the vets are closed today(good friday) so i will get onto them first thing...

26th April 2011, 07:46
So sorry to hear you are still having no luck with Abby :(
There is also another Exotic Vet at Deception Bay if you want to give them a call for a 2nd opinion... I did (lol)!!
Hope you got Abby in Saturday they'll be able to do the necessary tests to determine whats wrong, i guess like Dr's they'd only be guessing without seeing the patient, looking forward to some positive news :happy:

26th April 2011, 09:22
Thanks again everyone, Abby is still not doing real well but he is still alive. He is very skinny now:(. It will be a long road to recovery I think but we will do it.
I have started the saltbaths up again(I couldnt wait until wednesday to talk to the vet again). Everything has shut down for easter(we had a 5 day weekend).
I will be on the phone first thing in the morning trust me.
@shells......thanks I will give them a ring as well. Could you please PM me the phone number if you have it otherwise I will look it up.
I will keep you informed.
many thanks

27th April 2011, 22:18
this is a very sad up date.......Abby passed away last night.
Thank you to everyone who offered advice and support.

27th April 2011, 22:48
So sorry to hear of your loss :(
You are a wonderful axie parent and tried everything in your power for Abby.
My heart goes out to you.

27th April 2011, 23:06
I'm very sorry to hear of your loss :(

28th April 2011, 00:00
thanks guys

28th April 2011, 00:53
That's too bad, Lea. I'm sorry!

28th April 2011, 01:57
Oh no Lea!!! this makes me sooooo sad :( Poor little Abby. You did everything you could for him, he had the best care taker. I wish he could have pulled through.

I'm sorry to hear this. he will be missed :(

28th April 2011, 04:44

As you know, I cared for Abby as if he were my own. His loss has left me beyond words and I send you peace in knowing you did everything you could for him and love for he could not have been loved more by anyone else. xx

28th April 2011, 06:48
Im so sorry, Lea! :cry:

29th April 2011, 22:50
Sorry to hear of your sad loss Leanne x

2nd May 2011, 22:32
thank you everyone for your kind words and your support