View Full Version : Question: Limb regeneration

24th April 2011, 19:44
Just wondering what a regenerating limb should look like... Poor Jake has a bone stump sticking out that now has some strange, white, fluffy stuff around it. I'm not sure if this is fungus or the limb regenerating... He's been in the fridge for 2 days now but really not sure what I should be doing to help him

24th April 2011, 23:18
If you are seeing some white fluff, then most likely it is fungus. Limb regeneration should never look cottony. ;) Glad you have Jake on holiday but I would suggest a bit of time in a salt bath too.

About 2-3 teaspoons per liter for no more than 15 minutes every 12 hours until you know the fluff is gone. Best of luck, Jake should be back to himself in no time. :D

25th April 2011, 18:12
Is it OK to put him back in the tank with my little guy? I bought them together. Think I'll leave my big girl in the fridge for now until my 2ft is disinfected and set up

25th April 2011, 18:59
If there is a huge difference between the two, you might want to wait. You can try it and if they are like most of mine, they won't pay any attention to each other anyway.

25th April 2011, 19:26

What it looks like :)

25th April 2011, 19:45
The one that is in the 4ft at the moment is about half an inch smaller than Jake. They are siblings and have always been fine together, it was my wildtype that ripped Jake's leg off. The major difference between Jake & Hoshi is weight really but Jake is the fatter one :)

Ooh thanks for that Morrison! :D