View Full Version : Red Lines? Is it normal?

28th April 2011, 20:52

Okay yet another question!! :)

I have started to notice that my axolotls are getting red patches towards there underside on there tail.

Is this normal or is there somthing wrong?

I am doing 100% waer changes everyday with cycled water from the tank that is waiting for them to go into.

they seem to be eating alot so i dont think there is a problem there and all of the water parramiters are okay.

I have attached pics! one of which shows it pretty good...

Any help greatly appriciated!


Neil C
28th April 2011, 22:28
The only red patches I can see are either food passing through the gut or organs forming. Neither of which are anything to worry about. If I'm missing something then maybe a more detailed photo might help.

Regards Neil

29th April 2011, 04:52
Everything appears normal to me. That's exactly what my Axolotl larvae look like and they are perfectly healthy. It's just them "using the restroom." Lol

29th April 2011, 20:41
Thanks for the replys! I'm jus abit paranoid as they are my first axies lol

But it sounds like ur right!!

30th April 2011, 05:22
I know. Lol i am the same way about mine. ( also first babies) :) I love to watch them eat. Especially now that they have come to realize that they have hands.