View Full Version : Any Ideas what this is?

30th April 2011, 21:52
My female Axie has this odd looking thing attached to her cloaca area, i think the grainy bit is sand attached to it but what is it attached to? Is this natural (maybe from where she has been a poo)? WIll it go away by itself or should I do something about it?

1st May 2011, 23:34
Maybe fungus? I have read of people gently removing visible fungus with a Q-tip :confused:

1st May 2011, 23:40
I've very occasionally seen this on my big two... Usually just after they've pooped. I think it'll go away :)

Has it gone already?

8th May 2011, 20:52
Only just saw these replies, she had just been laying eggs but it has gone :)

9th May 2011, 09:53
She has amazing markings...could you post a picture of all of her ?:D

9th May 2011, 12:16
Just looked through all my hundreds of photos of Squidward and can't find a whole body one which shows off her markings, have attached a few but I will definitely make it my mission to get some more soon :happy:

The markings are mainly on her tail and legs and Spongebob has them too :happy: Didn't want him to feel left out so the last one is of them both