View Full Version : Illness/Sickness: Why is she floating?

Boo Penguin
6th May 2011, 21:17
Hi everyone

My axi has been floating around the top of the tank the last few days; just letting the slight current from the filer push her slowly around. She can swim down to the ground and stay there if she wants... but she hasn't been doing that very much. She was last the day before fed yesterday and last pooped that day.

Is something wrong?!?!?!?

The water parameters are good

Temp 14 degrees C
pH 7.2
Ammonia 0 (checked about 5 mins ago)
Nirtate - not sure need to buy new test. But did water change 2 days ago
Nitrite - not sure but was 0 at last test. Tank is cycled so should still be 0

I haven't added anything new to the environment recently, though I was planning to add some driftwood once I boil it for a while... maybe I'll put that off for the moment.

7th May 2011, 00:37
Sometimes they just like to float around like zeppelins. :D My Luna does this a lot when he gets the right mood. If everything is just fine water wise and she isn't showing signs of distress then I wouldn't worry about it.

7th May 2011, 01:01
My Alex does this sometimes. He just decides he wants to float for a few days and only go to the bottom if I get paranoid and tap him xD I think it's just a little quirk they have. If he is still wanting to eat and can get to the bottom if he wants to I wouldn't worry, especially since all the levels in the water are fine:)

Boo Penguin
7th May 2011, 06:46
Thanks guys... I didn't think it was anything to be worried over

7th May 2011, 09:08
its not a bad thing to get worried. it just means you care so much for your animal.

keep in mind that younger axies tend to float sometimes, but if your axie is floating backside up, and/or has trouble staying on the bottom or can't reach it, this can be a good indicator of impaction.

my axie seems to get somewhat more "buoyant" in his rear in the day or so before she passes waste.

7th May 2011, 11:52
LoL @ visions of axie zepplins :D

Boo Penguin
8th May 2011, 02:36
Yes it does seem to be her back end that goes up first. Today she is quite happily chilling on the floor of the tank.

Just boiling up the driftwood for her tank :D

8th May 2011, 04:10
she could be getting ready to pass some waste. I would wait and watch for now, when axies stop eating and struggle to get to the bottom, you usually have issues then.

8th May 2011, 23:08
I have noticed that cookie floats(back end up and then the whole body) when she is due to be fed.

9th May 2011, 02:16
I am a new Axie owner and have noticed one of them likes to float on top. Everytime we've caught it doing that the kids freak out thinking its d e a d! After reading your posts, I'm releaved to know. Thanks!

11th May 2011, 13:23
My two both do this they are floaters! Sometimes they will gradually float up to the surface on their own, and other times they will swim up, take a gulp of air and slowly float back up to the top! I too thought they were dead when I first saw this but I guess its a nice way to relax! Lol!! Water levels are all fine so nothing wrong here I think some axies just enjoy floating around :wacko:

11th May 2011, 15:25
Wouldn't we all love to just float on the water while relaxing, without having to try / concentrate?! ;)

Boo Penguin
11th May 2011, 22:05
Wouldn't we all love to just float on the water while relaxing, without having to try / concentrate?! ;)
:D Yeh that would be awesome... but I wouldn't like my water that cold

12th May 2011, 11:30
Role on holidays!!