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8th May 2011, 16:27
Hello could any 1 help me I have owned me axols for about 4 years a male an a female and they had there first litter they have always been in good health I do regular Walter changes feed them blood worms. But about 3weeks ago my albino stoped eating and started to swell up like a balloon all over and now also a red rash please help thanks daza

8th May 2011, 16:59
Any chance of photos? Photos would really help.
Also, have you changed anything recently?
Is the albino the male, or the female?

Some of the usual questions, which help people here to advise you -
What size tank are they in?
How often do you feed them?
How often do you do spot checks (removing waste + food stuffs without doing a water change)?
How often do you do water changes + how much each time?
Are they the only creatures in their tank, or if not, what are their tank mates?
What, if anything, do you have on the floor of the tank (nothing / sand / gravel / large stones / slate / e.t.c)?
What temperature is the water + is it varying from the norm?
Do you add any water treatments + if so, what?
If you have a chemical test kit, what are the perameters?

8th May 2011, 16:59
Can you provide a picture of the rash?

How big is your tank? How warm do you keep it? What kind of substrate do you have? Do you test your water parameters?

Edit: Quick on the draw, Mojo!

8th May 2011, 17:34
Thanks for both getting back to me so fast I'm new to this so may be slow I will try answer all then questions right I have been doing the same with them and the tank for years and they have allways been fine. There is sand on the bottom no stones I change about 40% of the Walter every 2 weeks I haven't tested the walter what should I test for the temp is about 18 at the mo its hard to get it lower there are just the 2 of them in the tank the albino is the male I think coz he got the bigger privert area is thet right I will try get a pic sorted the tank size is 3 foot by 1 foot thanks guys

8th May 2011, 17:39
I cant give a pic as I'm on my I phone my computer is broken I could email a pic thanks daza

8th May 2011, 19:41
Tests such as API Freshwater Master test kit . | eBay UK (http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/API-Freshwater-Master-test-kit-/260669737422?pt=UK_Pet_Supplies_Fish&hash=item3cb12089ce) test for ammonia, nitrates + nitrates, aswell as PH levels. Of these, the ammonia is the most dangerous for your axolotls, but if you have a well established tank, I don't know why this would start to become an issue, or why it would only affect 1 axolotl (although it could just be that 1 is more sensitive)

Congratulations on having sand instead of gravel - gravel is probably an axolotls worst enemy! It gets swallowed easily during feeding + can really block them up inside :(

A temperature of below 20C is suitable for axolotls, so 18C doesn't seem to be a problem.

And, yes males have a larger cloacal area when sexually mature.

I've messaged my email address to you, to see if I can post photos for you :happy:

9th May 2011, 15:15
Daz's axie rash photos -

9th May 2011, 15:19
Well, I'm stumped! The rash looks like blood under the skin (in the same way as a graze that doesn't break the surface of the skin, or a "love bite" / "hicky" + I would've asked if there are any loaches in the tank, but since we've already been told there are only axies, I don't know. The last photo looks like that photo of an axie who got a snail stuck in it's mouth, but again, we know there are no non-axie tank mates.

Anyone else got any ideas? :(

9th May 2011, 16:03
Is it just the angle of the pix or do the gills look fairly small?

9th May 2011, 16:21
Hi guys yea is a hard 1 thanks again for doing me pics yes his gills are small no and then his mate I think must have a nibble as they must look like blood worms my wife works at a vets so she asked 2day and the vet said he don't know much about them but sounds like an infection so she has got me some meds do u think that sound right

9th May 2011, 20:47
Let the guys here know what medication you have been given, as if it is for fish, it is probably unsuitable, possibly even dangerous for your axie :(

9th May 2011, 21:20
The med I was given is called baytril the vet thinks an infection my axi red ness is speeding and is looking worse

9th May 2011, 21:45
Looks like bloat, I very much hope the antibiotics work quickly. Fingers and toes crossed for you.

Caudata Culture Articles: Bloat (http://www.caudata.org/cc/articles/bloatEDK.shtml)

9th May 2011, 22:22
Thanks yea me 2 I take it that med is an antibiotic then and do u think it could help and what brings on blot thanks

10th May 2011, 00:16
Crossing my fingers for you + the poor little guy - all looks very painful :(

10th May 2011, 17:51
Me 2 don't like seeing him like this I talked to a friend that owns a exotic pet shop and told him about my little man he said sound like bloat and an infection and he needs antibiotics I have been given some buy my vet to put in his mouth which ant easy I think he may b spiting it out so my fring to me a speciest vets to ring to ask about an antibiotic that u add to the walter and they woulnt tell me what it is until they see him but its to far to travel there so has any 1 got any idear what this treatment is thanks Darren

10th May 2011, 18:05
There are some medications that are added directly to the water, like Mayacin, but are usually manufactured for use with fish, and usually medications meant for fish aren't appropriate for Axolotls. There are, however, antibiotics that can be injected directly into the animal. It's a shame they won't offer advice over the phone, but is probably to protect their office from running into legal issues of people personally medicating their animals.

10th May 2011, 19:58
What did they give you to administer the antibiotic, was it just a syringe ? It might be worth phoning the vet and say you are unable to administer orally. The antibiotic can be injected and they should be able to advise.
The speckling may be septicaemia caused by the infection. I would suggest calling the original vet for further advice.

10th May 2011, 21:25
Thanks for the info I will get onto it in the morning and I let u all know how I get on yes im syringeing in his mouth while holding him out Water but do u think he would swallow it or dribble it back out I have been giving him it for 2 days not don't look any better thanks Darren