View Full Version : Illness/Sickness: Do Axolotls sneeze??

Aimzs Lotties
12th May 2011, 09:38
I was just sitting on my comp and heard this 'oomph' like sound coming from my tank, I turned to see Lottie swimming back down from the surface..

Did she sneeze or is she just a heavy air-gulper..? Is she sick?? HELP!

12th May 2011, 10:53
My axy does that sometimes and it has been when she has just got air from the top of the water.

12th May 2011, 12:26
Mine also takes an occasional extra-large gulp. Unless it's occurring frequently, or you notice any weird behavior, don't panic!

Boo Penguin
13th May 2011, 05:10
Lotl does this too its just a very enthusiastic air gulp... no worries

14th May 2011, 01:30
All my axies are pretty quiet air gulpers, but Xotl always makes a loud gulpy (sometimes "whistling"?) sound...

Aimzs Lotties
16th May 2011, 11:45
thanks guys. no stress :)