View Full Version : Suitable tank mates for my P.Waltls?

25th May 2011, 19:21
Hey all,

I've got a couple P. Waltls and I know that cohabiting with other species and animals is generally not a good idea. I read in another post that someone has glass/ghost shrimp in their tank with their P.Waltl. I wouldn't mind trying that out.

Has anyone else successfully brought other species or animals in their tanks with 1-2 P.Waltls? They're in a 20gal tank right now.


25th May 2011, 19:32
You can certainly try ghost shrimp, cherry shrimp and the like. Some people go for other types of fresh-water crustaceans like gammarids or Asellus aquaticus. You can also try certain types of snail.

25th May 2011, 21:15
wouldn't those shrimp become an instant snack for the waltls?

25th May 2011, 22:27
Yes, they will get eaten eventually....I had about 10 red cherry shrimps in my 55 gallon with 5 P.Waltls and they have disappeared over the past couple of months. It took a while for the newts to figure out they were a food source however.

26th May 2011, 15:48
Thanks guys!

If I introduce snails or shrimp (or the other crustaceans), would I need to quarantine them? And if so, for how long?

Which would be the *best* for helping keep the tank clean (algae and waste wise) without creating waste in of themselves? Snails?

26th May 2011, 16:36
Crazy, I just came across this:

10g LED tank (http://www.plantedtank.net/forums/planted-nano-tanks/124355-10g-led-tank.html)

He has one P.Waltl in his fish tank full of fish, shrimp and snails.

27th May 2011, 08:11
that guy's tank is a train wreck in the making. Not only do those fish have different temperature preferences than the newt, but if the waltl tries to eat one of those corys, which he will sooner or later, it'll be off to the Big Tank In The Sky for both of them.

Bad idea: don't copy !

I have small pond snails in my tanks, and they are very good at eating fuzz algae off leaves, esp. big leaves like java ferns. They won't do much against hair algae though.

However, in my tanks wtih adult newts there's never any adult snails; I assume the newts eat them all before they get too big.

27th May 2011, 08:58
P.waltl will try to eat anything that fits into their mouths. If they can’t fit it in they will try tearing bite size chunks off. During feeding last week one of my adults managed to crocodile roll another adults back leg clean off. Any invertebrate tank mate is likely to be a snack waiting to happen so don’t spend much money on them!

Which would be the *best* for helping keep the tank clean (algae and waste wise) without creating waste in of themselves? Snails?
Remember that all animals produce waste. Snails might clean the algae off the glass but they poop it out as waste at the other end. The algae that was helpfully removing nitrates from the tank is now waste itself. There is no magic solution to waste and algae other than good housekeeping or a very well planted tank. Adding animals just increases the waste.