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8th June 2011, 03:10
I have had him since he was an egg, he hatched between the 1st-10th of August 2010
he was one of the biggest in the bunch and now he's the only one left. i cannot keep him anymore due to lack of space. i feel awful that he's in such a small tank when he's such a big boy (roughly 18-19cm)

since hatching he's been in non-heated water, and it gets pretty cold in this house but he has not yet lost his appetite. he's been on a diet of axie pellets and worms dug up from the garden.

he'll come with his pellets, small tank and larger tank (I'll measure them upon request), flat stones, hide hole (as seen in pictures), java fern (he likes to attack these sometimes, but i think it's the only fun he has) and 200g water conditioning crystals.
$50 neg.
no filter is included as his tank has never had one. i do constant water changes, mostly 90% and this has never bothered him or affected his health (he's very resilient)

i don't know how he'd go with another axie as he's been alone since he was very young.
he has all his bits and no deformities. I'm not an expert but I'm 95% sure he's a HE lol





8th June 2011, 23:34
Hi Neek,
I have 4 axies exactly the same age - from eggs too. I am happy to take him if you cant find anyone else. I have a huge tank outside that mine have been brought up in and they are very happy there so I don't need your tank etc. Where are you in Vic? I am in Ashburton, Melbourne.

9th June 2011, 09:12
wow i love your set up, wish i had something like that but the dogs would prob drink out of it lol i'll keep you in mind for sure. do you know what sexes yours are? are them from the same parents? i'm in Diggers Rest, kinda near Tullamarine

9th June 2011, 23:29
Yes Neek mine are all from the same parents born early August 2010. Raised about 300 eggs, gave heaps away and kept 6. 2 of them passed away just before I put them in the outside tank. My hubby rendered a foam box to collect the rain water off the roof and the axies are absolutely fine. I have a filter which runs 24/7 and the water is super cold all year round which they like and havent had a single problem. The tanks inside just got too warm and my axies often had to fight fungal infections. Anyway it was the best move I could have made for all concerned. I really cant tell if they are boys or girls. No doubt I have both and am willing to raise eggs again when the time comes. Have done it twice now so am an old hand at it.
Keep me in mind if you have trouble finding anyone to home yours.


21st August 2011, 03:47
Hi Neek,

Would you mind measuring those tanks please? If I can convince hubby I may be interested.


29th August 2011, 14:14
if you still have him id love to know as he is very very cute!! xD pm if you do :D

7th September 2011, 05:19
Hi Neek,

Would you mind measuring those tanks please? If I can convince hubby I may be interested.


sorry i no long have the tanks :(

8th September 2011, 03:37

I think its a female, i could be wrong my males are all over a year old so they are very well developed.

Cheers :)

5th October 2011, 04:32

i know i'm probably a bit late but if you still have the axolotl i'd love him.
don't worry if you don't but i reckon it would be a great birthday present for my little sister.

cheers. PHIPPSY;)