View Full Version : Wanted cheap axolotl SYDNEY

25th September 2011, 23:02
I was looking for an axolotl (any type, preferable melanoid, or gfp) in the Sydney area. Also, I was hoping it would be cheap. Also, I want it to be cheap. <$15. Hopefully, thats possible.

The Banana
25th September 2011, 23:55
Not sure on melanoid... but Meerkat has some lovely axolotl larvae, about 9wks I think now... they were $20 for Caudata members, gorgeous, super healthy and well raised cuties.
Not too sure on adults, though.. I did recomend a member here a person I got my melanoid from, but it seems they aren't kept in the best conditons now... look up oroxine's posts for info on those axies (I think that's her username..).

Haven't seen any axolotls for sale for $15 or under.. either from breeder or petstores. From my experience, they are generally between $20-$30. Although, I did buy one for $40... expensive, but had to have her.

GFP's aren't available in Australia, sorry. :(

26th September 2011, 00:02
Oh ok thanks :) Oh, I didn't know GFPs aren't available... shame.. Thanks anyway :)

26th September 2011, 04:51
Oh, btw, my axolotl is a golden albino male, 17cm which I got for $15 :) I'll try look for it again, and see if they have any left. I got it from the Sunday markets in bankstown.