View Full Version : Are these spermatophores?

6th December 2011, 07:52
Its the first time ive seen them, my two original males had a couple everynow and again, but after one died, i got two new ones, one of which is a female. Now there are heaps of them, ive never experienced them before and am not sure exactly wat they are. i dont think there spermatophore's simple because they dont look like the pictures ive seen. there like..fluffy balls, but gooey. Ive tried not to take them out, but occasionally i will 'suk' one up in my water vacume (for cleaning the tank) but everytime i do, even more replace it. what are they!?

sorry if my tank looks EXTRA DIRTY, my little sister puts her grubby fingers (and face) on the glass when looking at my 'fishies' lol. also, the sand was disturbed because i was just about to clean up all the left over food pellets.

the first one is my filter.. they are all around it, the secound is a 'floating' one

aside from that, no weird behaviour, no 'special dancing' and no unwanted.. or wanted, attention to the 'female' so i pressume there not matting.

6th December 2011, 09:19
I can't honestly give you a acurtae aacount of what those are, but i dont thik there spermatophore's. From what i know, therre generally smaller, kinda small, white, see through. I beleive that they are layed on smooth serfices.
Sorry im not much help


6th December 2011, 10:11
They look to me like something that has been left in the water too long :(
Spermatophore look like little clear jelly mountains with a white top.

6th December 2011, 10:36
i dont understand :(
i clean my tank every 2/3 days (i have a vacume that picks up poo, left over food, dirt etc) i do 20% water changes atleast twice a week, and now one of my axies has a curved tail and his skinnier than the rest,he wont eat much, just nibble it (yes he NIBBLES! its hard to explain)
:( im really freaking out right now!

6th December 2011, 10:44
Doesn't look like any spermatophore I have ever seen.

Julia may be on to something...do you have any ornaments in there that some pellets could get hidden under/behind? Are pellets the only food item they get? What are they water parameters?

The Banana
6th December 2011, 10:44


Do you feed pellets? It looks to me a little like old pellets that have hidden away in there for a bit..

6th December 2011, 23:42
Allthough im not an experienced axolotl keeper myself (very new infact) i agree that they do look like pelets, i know its slightly different but when we had a pond and the pellets the koi didnt eat were left, they looked soggy and much like what your experiencing, could they have been hiding?

7th December 2011, 12:25
You are probably right. I have cleaned my tank again, its been quite overwhelming. Last night two of my 'healthy' axolotls got a fungus on thir gills, my other is very strssed and wont eat and I dont know what to do :(
It is possible it could have got inside one of my large ornaments (a fake, but authentic looking log) wich has a large hole... I have cleaned it all now. Can you guys please check out my new question. I am really woried about my guys :(( I'm afraid if he doesn't start eating soon he'll die of starvation D:

dad of axle
7th December 2011, 12:57
Sorry if this is off topic, but I just want to say thanks for reminding me that the world doesnt revolve around homosapiens,

Most of words I hear on this forum remind me of this wonderful fact.
Life should be more than a single class of year ten biology

Good luck with the pellets, I am soon to try them with my baby axie.

dad of axle
7th December 2011, 13:59
hello i just wanted to make sure i didnt come across as out of place, i wish you well with gettign to the root of the possbile fungal problem./

I am new on the site and am in awe of those who love these amazing creatures like me