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13th January 2012, 15:54
Alright, so today I went over to check on my Axies, feed them if needed. And i noticed Mystery wasnt in her tank! DX she jumped out sometime last night. I dont know when.. I dont know how long shes been on the floor. I found her. put her back in.. She was all dry and Her skins peeling off now that shes back in water. Please.. I dont know what to do can anyone help me? She walks kind of funny in the water and Im freaking out.. please someone help? I dont know what to do Im freaking out :(

13th January 2012, 16:00
A picture might help to see how bad her skin is.

13th January 2012, 16:12
Ive been trying to take a pic.. my cam suck :( I cant seem to get a pic that shows anything. Its not like TERRIBLE, At least not compaired to some others ive seen! But Im still worried. I dont want to think "its nothing she'll be fine" then wake up to a dead Axie tomorrow >_<

13th January 2012, 17:45
>_< I went back downstairs to check on her.. and she was laying on her side.. that dosnt really help my freaking out ness. shes already lost some skin and shes still losing more.. Ive got the temp a bit colder than usual Because im not sure if i should fridge her or not.. and yeah >< any help at all would be great..

13th January 2012, 18:05
Heres some pics... you can see shes rolling back over onto her side.. its kinda hard to see her skin peeling off... because of the lighting... but yeah.. :( she cant really walk.. shes trying as i type.. and she keeps falling on her face.. I can try to get some video.. to see if that'd be clear-er than a pic..

Sick axie - YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0X1E5oA2D78)

13th January 2012, 18:41
put her in the fridge ASAP! this will calm her right down! and put the water level quite low she will loose her appetite when shes in the fridge and wont eat no food! but its nothing to worry about at all as they can last a few weeks wothout food.

13th January 2012, 18:59
Calm her down? Shes not really freaking out. But alright I'll get her in the fridge and hope for the best >< she keeps turning more and more on her side each time and its really worrying me :(

13th January 2012, 19:18
Thats why its best to put her in the fridge for about 1 week because asshe keeps turning on her side shes trying toget her balanceand it will be annoying her as she cant get her balance put the water level down just 1 inch above her top thin, i hope she really gets better when shes in the fridge she wont eat nothing probally not even live food, keep updating on how shes getting on please

13th January 2012, 19:41
Alright. Thank you for replying. I'll keep you guys updated. daily, or hourly. depending on if shes getting worse within the hours ><

13th January 2012, 19:47
She'll start to look worse before she looks better. Try not to freak out too much.

13th January 2012, 19:47
Tea baths might be a good idea to soothe her skin. The tannins are also anti-fungal and anti-bacterial which would help to stop any complications. But to be honest she looks stressed but not too bad.

15th January 2012, 03:43
try using a water dechlorinator with aloe vera, this will have natural anti-biotic effect as well as help keep the skin healthy

15th January 2012, 20:32
I am sorry I am no help but wanted to send my positive thoughts her way and hope she recovers soon. xxx

16th January 2012, 08:04
Thank you all for trying to help.. Im sorry I havent kept you all very updated. but Today I came home to a dead axie :( My poor baby didnt make it </3

16th January 2012, 09:28
I'm sorry. :( *hugs*

16th January 2012, 13:04
Sorry to hear that :(

16th January 2012, 16:52
I am so sorry {{{HUGS}}

16th January 2012, 20:03
Missed this, but wanted to send my condolences :(

18th January 2012, 16:20
Awww...I'm so sorry about your loss! She was a very pretty girl. :)

18th January 2012, 21:12
I'm sorry about your loss Zenna :sad: It's never fun losing a pet. If you make it over to Vancouver, drop me a line & I'll give you one of my leucy juvies