View Full Version : My little buddys wont eat ??? :/

10th February 2012, 01:48
I just got three 3 inch axys yesterday & i around here the only thing sold is frozen bloodworms & brineshrimps

i dropped the blood worms in & they just look at them maybe grab one worm

, i ask the seller what they ate & he currently told me they were eating live blackworms which are no where sold around here ,

any way to get them started on frozen blood worms or brine shrimp , thank you

10th February 2012, 02:04
take like tweezers and wiggle the blood worms in front of them they will attack them then, also try droping them directly on top of their faces

10th February 2012, 02:05
thank u will do

10th February 2012, 02:43
I tried with the tweezers n they get scared & swim away , i was waving the worms in front of them & nothing , if i let bloodworms fall to the bottom will they eat? Also maybe they ate when i dropped worms n left them there for an hour because i see their stomachs are darker , i cleaned out the worms , are they the type of animals that eat when they are hungry & dont eat when they are full?

10th February 2012, 05:15
You sure no one sells blackworms near you ? Have you called any local pet stores ? Try the little, privately-run ones. :)

Can you get earthworms ? For the little ones, you can cut them up very small. I think I've heard about people shredding them as well, but I'm not sure.

Can you get sinking pellets for carnivores ? You have to drop them right by their heads, and sometimes my aim isn't very good so I have to try again. :P

Axolotls have a tendency to over-eat, like a lot of animals - but I'd imagine they'd stop eventually. Back when mine was little and I was getting used to feeding her, I'd drop some pellets in and she would eventually track them down and eat them on her own. I've never had an axolotl 3", so I'm not sure what they're eating then - and how developed their sense of smell is for hunting.

10th February 2012, 08:04
I have just transferred all my babies (s'pose I should now call them juvies as they have all there legs) onto frozen bloodworm I defrost them first then drop a little dollop in the middle of their tank after a little bit they will pounce on the worms and start eating I come back a little while later to clear up the poop. The first time or so I had to leave it there for a good hour or so, and then I cleared them all away and checked the water, did some water changes as needed and fed again the next day, now they don't last long at all. They should get it, and yes sometimes the way I tell if one of them has eatern is there bellies, so persevere and they should get it.
Oh and mine are 1-2 inches.

10th February 2012, 15:19
You can also order blackworms directly from California Blackworms. That's all I feed my larvae.