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20th February 2012, 20:34
Hi everyone I'd just like to no how you have your water filter set up I've got the spray bar on mine so the water isn't moving very much but my axolotls likes to lie under it where there is a little bit of movement.
Do yous have yours so there is alot of flow In the water or a little?
Many thanks
Pics may help of yours if u don't mind
Darren :D

22nd February 2012, 04:07
I use a sponge filter.

22nd February 2012, 09:27
Axolotls like pretty calm water, so you don't want *too much* current - so only a little bit is okay. :)

I use a sponge filter as well :

http://s3.amazonaws.com/data.tumblr.com/tumblr_lypdo5s6An1qk43ago1_1280.png?AWSAccessKeyId =AKIAJ6IHWSU3BX3X7X3Q&Expires=1329988906&Signature=Giw0xUZDxuqPpMpABKtx8kNQH%2Fg%3D

It's hidden back corner on the right side of the picture. It's very nice and I just squeeze it out in clean water when I am cleaning (make sure to use dechlorinated water). The filter top pops off very easily and the sponge just slides off the peg it's on.:)

Also, I personally enjoy the gentle bubbling noise, my tanks are in my bedroom and I find it very peaceful.

22nd February 2012, 11:28
As long as your axolotl can get out of the current, and the tank is predominantly still, I wouldn't worry about it sitting under the filter. Axolotls are generally lazy critters, and it's natural for them to want to sit where the water is freshest and most oxygenated.

24th February 2012, 07:22
Ok thankyou everyone that helps I'll just leave it as it is. She is fit and healthy aswell so I'm happy
Thanks again