View Full Version : Question: Are my axolotls copper?

15th March 2012, 04:22
I'm rearing 50 juvenile axolotls that came from golden albino and melanoid mothers, and a golden albino father. Some look like normal melanoids and some like normal albinos, but most of them are a mix. They are a light shade of tan with dark speckles. They have a ring around their eyes and their gills have a touch of red. Right now they're a little under 2 inches so it's hard to be sure. Are these guys copper axolotls? If not, what are they? I'll post pictures soon. Thanks!

I think I was wrong. The mother may be wild type, not melanoid. She's solid black, but I just discovered rings around her pupils. The rings are shiny with possibly some red. Her gills are near black with a touch of red as well. The eggs of said juveniles were grey. Some of them were split half light grey half dark grey, half grey half white, etc. About 100 more grey eggs were just laid last week. I'm probably going to half to separate the adults so this constant mating will stop.

27th March 2012, 01:22
Got pics of the half and half? People pay good money for those!

27th March 2012, 17:49
The pale ones sound like leucistics, to be honest. But it's really impossible to tell without a picture.

axolotl lvr
28th April 2012, 07:48
Id love to see a pic as well!! Please send pics!! ;)