View Full Version : Question: Urgent juvenile axie questions

25th March 2012, 14:25
Hi everyone!! I have had my axie for about two months now...so not very long...she's just getting to a size where I feel comfortable moving her from her smaller container into a 10 gal. Is it okay if I fill the tank even though she is very small? also, she likes to swim at the top...is that normal?

I also have a top fin 10 power filter that came with my aquarium, and I'm wondering...would that hurt my axie?

I just want her to be happy and healthy...and I have done my research but I'm just not good with the aquarium lingo...please help!!

25th March 2012, 21:00
If you have acess to water for cleaning out part each day i would avoid using a filter not worth the risk with a little one. My water comes from three water butts that collect rain water also a good scource of mosquito larva.
I would also say that the width ie floor space is the most important and no not too deep a water, as all axies come to the top at times for extra air. The rule as i understand it is the water should be at least the length of the axie deep.
Hope this helps. Good Luck with the move

27th March 2012, 05:53
How big is this axolotl ?

Personally, I'd rather just use a sponge filter. But if it doesn't produce a terrible amount of flow, it might be okay - I've never used anything but a sponge filter for my axolotl, so I don't know about others.

Unless she is floating at the top and *can't* get down, she is fine. :)

Yes, unless she is sick, fill it all the way. If sick, transfer to a smaller container for easier access to the top of water and stability. More water is more buffer against toxins from waste. Floor space is more important than water depth, but there's no reason not to fill it up and have that extra volume to buffer waste.

I think the biggest concern with an small axolotl in a big tank is making sure they can get their food. If it's a live food, try feeding in a dish or sideways cup or somehow helping her not have to hunt *all over* for it.

27th March 2012, 13:43
Thanks a lot!! She's about 3.5 inches from head to the end of her tail, and she's seeming to adapt very well to her new tank! The food is still an issue, but I'm just giving her a little while longer to get a hang of her big space before I start to worry about that.

I'll be posting pictures soon!!! Thanks for the advice!

27th March 2012, 14:23
Hi Skye, I have my young axies in a 29 they are a little bigger then yours and I have my tank 3/4 full I use a tetra reptofilter for a 20 gallon. They are made for newts and turtles, it works great and the water flow output is very light so it has not stressed my axies. Also they are not very expensive $20.00 at Petsmart. Hope this helps you out.