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4th April 2012, 21:49
Hi I am a newbie to keeping axolotis I have just got 2 & love them already :) the only thing I am worried about is I put pebbles as the base thinking these would be safe enough for them not to eat as they are so tiny. After reading some posts I am now unsure & worried as I do not want to harm my babies any help would be appreciated - I also am a little uncertain on food I have had some advice & have got some freeze dried brine shrimp but it is huge as they are so little do I break it in to smaller pieces to give them. Thank you

4th April 2012, 22:45
If you post a picture, people will tell you if the pebbles are too large. Anyway, welcome! There are lots of axie fans here.

4th April 2012, 23:32
Anything that will fit in their mouth will be eaten.

I assume they are past the live baby brine shrimp stage. Go on to chopped blood worms, then whole blood worms. Then just worms in sizes they can get in their mouths and down their throat.

There are pellets and other foods but I have followed what I just advised.

A pic with something for reference to size would help out and get you some more replies.