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10th May 2012, 02:43
Hello to everybody, Ive recently joined caudata, but I have been interested for some time in Tiger salamanders as a lot of the information that I've read about them seems to say that they are quite good pets.
However, I've never come across any in pet stores, and I havent been able to find anything about it online.
So I was wondering if they might be illegal in New Zealand?
If anybody has any information on this, please reply.

10th May 2012, 19:39
Exotic Amphibians And Reptiles In New Zealand New Zealand (http://www.zoochat.com/17/exotic-amphibians-reptiles-new-zealand-205707/)

Has a list of amphibians that are legal to keep in New Zealand, please note that some are not for private collections and are only permitted to zoo's and for research. Sadly no Ambystoma tigrinum on the list. I don't know how old this list is, you can try contacting the New Zealand Herpetological society to see if they have updated it. New Zealand Herpetological Society Inc. - Welcome (http://www.reptiles.org.nz/)

10th May 2012, 22:05
Tigers are nativeo north america so i wouldnt expect hem in petstore but idk what to tell u guy ill do some reserch in spair time but idk....

14th May 2012, 04:42
Thanks to all.
I guess Ill have to stick with axolotls and newts...