View Full Version : 2 lined sal larvae

24th May 2012, 02:16
Well i have 8 larvae 3 that are huge collected from a mountain and 5 from the creek behind my house. I got like every color there has to be of them lol from white to black. But anyways i was wondering about what kinda tank they need for when they morph? how big what kinda tank set up? can they go full on aquatic? what do they eat? and is it normal for them to be so diverse in color?

8th October 2012, 20:56
I have noticed that there is often a large amount of variation amoung larvae, but they seem to be able to lighten and darken on their own accord. For housing I would recommend a 2.5 gallon for the smaller larvae and a 3 gallon for the larger larvae. Though I have not witnessed it, there may be a chance of cannibalism. Feeding can be tough. I have had the most success by FAR with black worms. Their food has to be moving so freeze dried and frozen foods are tough. I have raised larvae only on frozen and freeze dried foods but it is a slow and time consuming process. Larvae that eat the blackworms grow much faster anyway. Some larvae can remain completely aquatic while others will become terrestrial. Give them a spot to get out of the water (a rock breaking the surface works fine) and let them choose.