View Full Version : Question: Axoltol tips needed

30th May 2012, 10:16
Im thinking of buying a axoltol for the first time
i wondered if anyone had any advice thanks:happy:

31st May 2012, 17:30
I love mine. I warn you to be careful as my one has now become 7 and those are just my adults. I have another 10 sub adults I hatched from eggs obtained on here and have another 14 juvies also from eggs from here that I am selling. They are great creatures but do require some time to care for them right.

All that being said. Do your research. Do some reading, do more research, use the search function on this site. If you have questions that are still not answered then post them on here. There are many great members that will gladly answer specific questions or give advice.

Basic advice,

Learn the proper way to cycle a tank, what good bacteria are, how to keep good bacteria working for you. If you think setting up the tank and letting it sit for 1-10 days is cycled you have more reading and learning to do.
Do not trust the words of most fish stores/pet shops, they are there to sell their stock and usually have no clue, there are some exceptions.
Buy bigger tank than you think you need, you will need it in a few months time.
Longer not taller.
Keep your water clean
Keep the water below 70*
No small rocks/pebbles, keep it sand or nothing.
Keep them well fed
No light over tank unless plants block the light from reaching the bottom.

For all the rest just look around on here, you are in good hands.

1st June 2012, 13:08
thanks for the advice:happy: