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2nd June 2012, 19:14
I have 4 ft aquarium.....so how many paddle tail newt i can have in that tank?.....i heard they are very aggressive n can kill each other.......but i found some people keep it like this........

i really want to keep 6 paddle tail in my 4 ft aquarium........

2nd June 2012, 20:53
I personally do not recommend this, and those pictures are horrible! Do not look to these pictures as an appropriate way to house these newts. The pictures show an outrageous amount of newts in that tank, by which I mean, very overcrowded. I have personal experience with Paddle tail newts, and they are extremely aggressive. If you do not provide each newt with at least one hide that they can claim as their own, you are guaranteed to have a disastrous outcome. With that being said, even if you did provide 6 different hides for the newts you want, you will probably still have aggression in your tank. THIS IS NOT A COMMUNAL SPECIES! Secondly, although some people do not see aggression when these guys are kept in large numbers, such as the group in the pictures you posted, it is usually due to them being very stressed out. My advice to you, stick to a more communal species, there are numerous varieties to choose from that you widely available to you.

2nd June 2012, 22:10
I wouldn't keep more than 2 in any 1 tank. If you do keep paddle tails, put loads of hiding places in, but don't be surprised if they start looking for each other to pick fights.

They are rewarding to keep, but they do not get on well with anything, including their own kind.

3rd June 2012, 18:07
so what kind of paddle tail that are not aggressive?.......
i can change to chinese fire belly.....
is it aggressive too?......

3rd June 2012, 20:18
Chinese fire-bellied newts are a lot more peaceful than paddle-tail newts, and they can be kept in groups. They are also generally easier to source.
It is advised that you try to get captive-bred ones (look in the 'for sale' section on this site), rather than shop-bought ones, as ones in shops are wild-caught (and as a result, often sick, stressed and weak).

3rd June 2012, 23:11
I had two paddletail newts in 4 ft long tank with what I thought was an appropriate amount of hides, and the female still sought out the male and attacked him. The injuries were bad enough that I thought for a time that he was going to die - he pulled through after being refrigerated for about 6 weeks while he recovered from the wounds. When I reintroduced him to the tank, it was only after I placed a divider down the middle to keep the two separated.

If you want to try and keep paddletails together, have no more than two together and watch them like a hawk. Be prepared with another tank to separate immediately at the first sign of trouble.

Brian M
4th June 2012, 21:21
Paddle-tailed newts are the pitbull of the Cynops Genus. My wife bought two of them for me as a birthday gift thinking they were Cynops pyrrhogaster. I had them for maybe two weeks in a densely planted 48 gallon tank before returning them to the pet store that misled my wife. They are so vicious the feeder guppies would gladly kill themselves by beaching onto the small land area( about a third of the tank). I would find forty out of the fifty dead up on the moss the next morning. Dont waste such a large tank on this specie there are plenty of commonly available newts and salamanders that would be very rewarding in a large well planted setup.