View Full Version : Question: How often, how much do I feed my axolotl

11th June 2012, 10:56
I have not gotten it yet, but when I first get it it is said to be 3 inches long by the breeder, what would I feed a 3 inch long axolotl? How much? when?

13th June 2012, 12:09
Hey there, my axie was around 3 inches when i first got her, i'd say feed her 1 or 2 cubes of frozen bloodworm every other day as your axie is young and pretty small i'd start of with 1 cube every other day and as she gets bigger and older 2 every other day, it is also important to vary your axies diet, i give my axie a earthworm form the garden every so ofen but make sure to clean off any dirt before feeding it to your axie!

i hope this helps :D